This is...20/20!!

This is 20/20!

Welp, it's here! 2020! And this is my first newsletter of the year.

It may not feel like a new year for you, especially if you have to work today, and technically, it's not. Astrologically, the New Year begins with Aries at the end of March. And that does make sense as it's the beginning of the Spring Season with warmer weather, the ability to enjoy the outdoors, and everything beginning to buzz and bloom. I say all that to say that you shouldn't feel bad if you are more like, "New year, new meh!"

On a personal and professional note: I wrapped up this year with my doctoral graduation (go me!), a great experience at the National Women's Studies Association Conference, and a semester as contingency faculty at one of the City University of New York senior colleges; in the English Dept. no less.

OK, enough about me, sorta.

Now that I have transitioned out of being a student for the last almost-6 years, it is time for me to do the work that I am here to do. I am remaining committed to teaching, particularly at the community level so if you are in Brooklyn or the surrounding area, I would love for you to join me for Remixing Your Resolutions. What life and my training as an Usui Reiki Master have taught me, especially over the last year, is that we can't do the work in the world if we haven't done the internal work. Oh, you can try, but it'll be much more difficult. If you can't attend, but you really want to, an audio link, via Patreon, will be available this evening. Subscribing at any level will give you access to that.

2019 was topsy turvy for many of us, particularly those of us who have a tendency to run away from change, ignore our calling, and work really hard to stay in our comfort zone. *looks at self* Last year dragged me into myself, sometimes kicking and screaming, but I surrendered and am listening. Hopefully, you are too.

May this year bring you all that you need, and may you recognize it when you see it coming!